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About Us

ME PAT Services Ltd was established in September 2009 to work initially alongside our other business, McCoy Energy supplying commercial fuel cards since 2004. However there is always a strong motivational force to starting a new business and this was Alison’s redundancy in the summer of 2009. Alison McCoy had been fully trained and had three years’ experience working as a Portable Appliance Test engineer but very sadly her previous employer and good friend of ours reluctantly had to let her go.. At this point I immediately spotted a very special “Unique Selling Point” of a female PAT tester in a male dominated industry so we literary ran with this concept. Along with my five years of business experience, thirty plus year’s sales knowledge and customer service skills working with various corporate companies, and my ability to build a business through heavy networking we then developed a very unique partnership.

Our partnership is unique in many ways as both myself and Alison are dyslexic – there I have said it, now Alison will have words as she is very shy on talking about dyslexia. The differences first of all between each of our “learning difficulties” are quite vast and difficult to explain but needless to say that over the years we work very well as a team… Alison is very practical within the PAT world; fault finding, investigation, methodical and not fazed by a mass of cables as I am. She is initially shy but having a good sense of humour which comes out when working around people on site, the surprising result is fantastic feedback from clients, which is certainly one of the main reasons we retain a large percentage of our clients each year.

As a side bar; it is a well-known fact that dyslexic people use humour to cover up their “disability” – well you could say we have certainly turned this to our advantage?

I have a sales career of well over 35 years, I am a good verbal communicator and have developed excellent service skills over the years and enjoy working closely with clients to find out their needs, so face to face contact is vital to me. To this extend I network up to twice, sometimes three times a week which has proved to be a successful way to building up a loyal client base – besides if it costs nothing to talk so then I like to get my monies worth!!

However I will admit my main weakness is I struggle with the written word especially black print on a white background, yellow pages or yellow high light helps enormously to overcome this, I do tend to shy away from the various social media’s as I much prefer face to face contact or even actually picking up the phone….

After five years we find our skills complement each other, I concentrate on promoting, networking, surveying and developing the business whilst Alison, “a woman in a man’s world” undertakes the PAT testing and heads up the team; it’s a partnership that works extremely well and proving to be very successful…