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ME PAT June 2016 Newsletter

  • Posted on: 22 July 2016
  • By: Mike
Hello folks and a warm welcome [and it is “warm”] to our “occasional” monthly newsletter for June – which is a polite way of saying “when I can see my desk I’ll send out a newsletter”! Seriously though will do our best to inform and increase awareness of Electrical Health and Safety via stories and information, we have a story to do with of all things, “heaters” in this month’s issue. Also whilst in passing I will also give you an update on my book project “Newcastle Old and New the story so far…” which “soft” launched in March 2016 and reached another milestone – which I will talk about later.. By the way are you keeping cool in this “sudden” summer that has creeped in, I suppose that is a reason for the thunderstorms of late.

Although you will not believe it but on a bus back from Gosforth on Friday night not only did IIt's going to piss doon for a week in Newcastle cos the Hoppins starts todayexperience thunder and “vertical” lighting, now if that wasn’t amazing enough but snow!!! Yes I kid you not! As I passed by Newcastle Racecourse there was wet snow on its paths! In the thunderstorm there must have been a hailstorm – but in the middle of June, snow on the ground, I was gobsmacked!! At least the Hoppings had almost made it without and rain, which traditionally as you know is a wet week – or as this cheeky Facebook post sums it up… 

Heaters posed electrical safety test

A company has been fined after admitting supplying heaters that failed eight safety tests, following an investigation by Trading Standards. The court heard how Northamptonshire County Council’s Trading Standards bought two of the halogen heaters from a shop in Kingsthorpe for £9.99 each in January 2015 after receiving a complaint from a consumer.

Subsequent safety tests found the heaters failed in eight areas, including protection from live electrical parts as well as resistance to heat and fire. A product safety recall was issued in April last year but the heaters remained on sale. The supplier of the heaters admitted two offences relating to the safety and description of the product and was fined £5,000 as well as being ordered to pay costs totaling £1,800.

Over 300 different electrical products have been recalled in the UK in the last five years. Faulty appliances alone cause £41.6million of damage in the UK every year and around 46 deaths are caused annually by electrical fires.

Are Electricians Still Regarded as Rogues?
[to my electrician friends pls read on]

A recent report from Trust Mark, the Government endorsed find a tradesperson scheme, said that the public image of not only Electricians but Builders and Plumbers too, is grossly outdated. Trustmark looked at what categorises a true professional in today’s industry, and highlighted some of the ways current tradespeople are breaking these negative stereotypes.

One of the myths is that tradespeople, including Electricians, are unprofessional in their behaviour. So, TrustMark highlighted how industry professionals are building trust and loyalty among customers and clients.

More often, these people use digital technology including tablets and mobile phones to communicate with their customers at all stages of their work. Then there’s accreditation with one of the number of professional accreditation bodies, something that is often said to be recognition of professionalism. The findings of this does report also corroborate another by AXA Business Insurance which said that 82% of tradespeople often go above and beyond for their clients. To read more on follow the link to;

My classic “And Finally” story….

Newcastle Old and New the story so far… a big thank you!! 
A special announcement…
As many of my friends, business colleagues, followers on Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and of course this newsletter will know that for a few years I had been working on a long held dream to self-publish a school project book about Newcastle upon Tyne from 38 years ago called “Newcastle Old and New The Story So Far”. I had 200 books printed late February and now we have reached another milestone with over 70 sales!!

But if that wasn’t amazing enough I have another announcement to make – well, (roll on the drums pls..) T G Allen's in Morpeth are the first book shop in the region to take copies of the book. Whoo hoo!! A “very” excited Mike McCoy dropped off a handful of books on the 14th of June... I can't describe the feeling of seeing my books on the shelf! I am working with a few more stockists so more to come too - which I'll update you on as time, goes by.

Thanks for all your support folks - you all know who you are... 

Planned Events and Talks
On Monday the 11th of July 2016 I am doing a talk on Portable Appliance Testing using the “rogue’s gallery” from the website as the centre piece, see;, at a network group in Newbiggin by the Sea Golf Club called Mondaybiz.
I have had an intriguing request from David Hepworth of Newcastle City Library to take part in its book festival called “Books on Tyne” Nov 21-27 – in particular about the life journey to getting my Newcastle book to print. I’ve emailed my interest to take part, details to follow...

Incidentally if anyone is looking for a speaker please let me know, thanks.
Finally if there is any more information I can give about ME PAT Services Please email me or phone me direct via 07865 923716, naturally I would be more than happy to help.. if you would like info on the book go to or to follow me on Facebook or Twitter go to:

Ta ta for now, Have a great day, a great week and a fab month!!

 Yours Mike and Alison McCoy

 ME PAT Services Ltd