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ME PAT Newsletter November 2015

  • Posted on: 5 February 2016
  • By: Mike
We reduce costs and protect lives November 2015
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Hello folks and a warm welcome to you all, apologies for the delay in getting out my “occasional” monthly newsletter as I will admit that after an extended relaxing break late in October, it took me longer than normal to get back into the swing of things. This time of year with business busy, my book gathering pace [more on that later], the early dark nights – and dark mornings too, then along with the festive season charging like a speeding train, days and weeks go by very quickly!

Anyway on with the show – we have a brief story about sunbeds no less – if you are looking for a tan to warm up the body then be warned. I usually introduce a video clip – well this time I have started early with my usual Xmas tree story from You Tube, I am sorry to mention Christmas but it has got to be seen before you put the decorations up. Finally on a lighter note I will update you on my personal goal the “Newcastle Old and New - The Story So Far” book, mind you after the vid you will be ready for this, trust me!!  

Faulty sunbed lands firm in court
A UK based sunbed hire firm has been found guilty of hiring out ‘unsafe’ equipment after a woman found smoke coming from equipment installed in her home. North East England based Carlton Leisure hired out the sunbed in February last year to a woman from Sunderland who found a cable ‘smouldering’ after turning it on.

Over the next few days, a number of extension leads connected to the sunbed burned out, and smoke was coming from a cable connected to it. Carlton Leisure had denied four charges brought by Sunderland City Council’s trading standards department at an earlier hearing.

However, following a trial at Sunderland Magistrates’ Court the firm was found guilty, by District Judge Roger Elsey, of engaging in an unfair trading practice, and supplying unsafe equipment. Giving evidence, Electrical Engineer David Malone, said he was tasked with performing a series of tests. While the unit passed the initial portable appliance test (PAT), it failed the visual test, due to the inner cord on a connecting cable being visible. On top of this a functional test also had to be abandoned for safety reasons, because the plugs started to overheat!!

Tales from the “Fry”

It's fast getting to that time of year, “Christmas”, there I’ve said – I generally [being a typical bloke?] do not like to talk about Xmas before December but I think I, and many many more feel its forced on us too early! However one part of the festive season I leave until late on is the Health and Safety video of faulty electric lights on trees as by the time I send this out the deccies are already up! So no excuse, here it is nice and early – so sit back watch click on the link and watch this vid and PLEASE check the plugs and the wiring before you deck the tree out….

On a definitely lighter note…                                  
And Finally….
Newcastle Old and New: the story so far?
As many of my business colleagues, friends, followers on Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and of course this newsletter will know that though-out 2015 I have been working on a long held dream to self-publish a school project book about Newcastle upon Tyne from 38 years ago called “Newcastle Old and New The Story So Far”. This has been a mammoth project which I have squeezed in with the day to day running of ME PAT Services along with my wife Alison, it has been “challenging” to say the very least and I have learned so many new skills along the way. We have just this week finished the final items such as the artwork for the special “wrap around” cover, and of course the standard “author pose” [below] inside the back cover – which apparently you have to have!!

Well unfortunately time is running out for the planned pre-Xmas launch so I am settling down to an early 2016 launch. I am very disheartened as it has been a hard slog and I was looking forward to completion this year. However as the original book lay buried for 35 years and have been working on it for another 3 years then surely another few months can’t do any harm – or as this quote puts it nicely…


I will not be sitting on my hands though in that time as we have launched a facebook and a twitter page, details are below - please follow me on either or even both? We have also launched this week a website for the book and very soon we will be adding pay-pal facilities for secure purchasing. Naturally of course we will be continuing our own book newsletter. So keep an eye out for us and, 2016 – bring it on!

Finally, if there is any more information I can give about ME PAT Services or the book project Newcastle Old and New – the story so far? Please email me on or phone me direct via 07865 923716, naturally I would be more than happy to help..

Ta ta for now,

Have a great day, week and a fab month!!

Yours Mike and Alison McCoy

ME PAT Services Ltd